The Awakening

The AwakeningOut of the darkness comes forth the poet and the storyteller into the light. As a time long awaited by the trials of life. The pages are forged by the quill and the ways of the sword. From times of enchantment, others of endearment, while others taunted and scratched at the mind. Longing again to be born into the world of man, As the hand of the poet and the hand of the dark knight have to long laid in slumber while the chaotic world ran free. Yet the earth has shook and summoned them from their rest.

Now their tale comes forth to thee. By the tangled web of their minds and their dreams as they are now released by the power of old in the pages you seek. As to long has been untold the things that they have come to see. So they give forth the poems and stories of things long past and burdens of the present while the dreams have gave visions of things still to come.

So, now its your turn to see what lies in the mind of the poet and the heart of the dark knight. As they bring to you the pages from out of their slumber.

So without further ado, ready thyself for tales of the enchantment of Fay and witches. As stories of vampires and elves mystic and warriors prepare the fight of the greatest of cause that which has been since the beginning of time. A time when man and Faye lived in harmony with each other. A time of magic and wounder. A time that soon comes again to the world of man. As you read you will begin to understand the old ways of the poet's mind and the heart of the knight.While you read you will learn of them all, through their tales the world of the dark is enlighten by flashes of the light and unfold before you. Here you will see much truth hidden between the lines. So, let me hold you back no more as I bring forth to you The Awakening




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